Balanza CAS EC

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CAS EC-II Digital Counting Scale

High accuracy counting scale with weight & count preset range (HI/OK/LO) with 3 colour display and alarm beep. Dual channel for additional platform (up to 10t). Use up to 4 optional external devices simultaneously. 200 Unit Weight memory. Accumulation function. RS-232C Interface for optional barcode label or receipt printer connection. Negative counting function. AC & Rechargeable battery operation.

Max Capacity: 3 ~ 30kg

Product Description

CAS EC-II Digital Counting Scale is easy to use and very accurate with a high internal resolution of 1/600,000. Dual Channel, able connect an extra platform with up to 4 load cells, bringing the max capacity up to 10 tonne. The EC-II Digital Counting Scale is capable of using up to 4 optional external devices simultaneously (eg. external platform, display, printer or light tower). Individually store up to 200 item’s Unit Weight for a speedy operation. By using the Accumulation function, users can sum up the total weight and quantity of multiple items. Preset range for weight & count data. Operators can preset the range of weight & count data, then the EC-II will indicate whether the actual weight of the loaded items is in or out of the preset range with an alarm beep while the associated colour backlight will appear. The EC-II Digital Counting Scale also is compatible with barcode label or receipt printers via RS-232C interface. AC & built-in rechargeable battery. (external devices sold separately).

EC-II Digital Counting Scale Features:

  • Dual channel for second scale platform (up to 10 tonne)
  • Various external devices: Ticket/label printer (Unit, Weight, Tare, Item name, Address No, set HI/LO), Aux-display, Comparator light, Remote platform
  • 200 Item Memory, resistors for ID items
  • High internal resolution. (1/600,000)
  • Weight/Count comparison function with alarm beeps (HI/LO)
  • Key-command function
  • RS-232C interface
  • Large LCD display (Height-18mm) & 3 Backlight Colours (HI/OK/LO)
  • Accumulation mode
  • Auto power-off function
  • Negative counting (count out of a full container)
  • Rechargeable battery operation (AC adapter included)

EC-II Digital Counting Scale Options:

  • Printer: DEP-50 (ticket) / DLP-50 (label)
  • Remote Platform (Max. Capacity 10 ton) – SOLD SEPARATELY
  • CD-3000 Auxiliary display – SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Comparator light tower – SOLD SEPARATELY

Additional Information

CAPACITY 15kg x 0.5g, 30kg x 1g, 3kg x 0.1g, 6kg x 0.2g
PLATFORM SIZE (MM) ABS plastic: 304(W) x 220(D), Stainless steel: 306(W) x 222(D)
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (MM) 330(W) x 346(D) x 107(H)
DISPLAY TYPE 3 Colour (HI/OK/LO) Backlight, LCD Display
DISPLAY DIGITS 6/6/6 (Weight/Unit weight/Count)
POWER SOURCE AC Adapter DC 12V / 800mA, Rechargeable battery (6V, 5Ah)